Technological solutions
Innovative technology for drying Electric Motors


Due to the specifics of the application, a large number of industrial electric motors are in an aggressive environment during operation. One of the most common factors of frequent downtime and failure of drive and traction electric motors is a decrease in insulation resistance due to the accumulation of moisture in the insulation material of the windings. This factor leads to the need to remove moisture so-called "DRYING"

Electric machines are dried when the insulation resistance of windings and other current-carrying parts decreases, for example, during transportation, storage, installation and repair, as well as during a long stop of the unit.

The purpose of drying is to remove moisture from the insulation of the windings and increase the resistance to a value at which the electric machine can be put under voltage. The absolute resistance, MOm, of insulation for electrical machines that have undergone major repairs should be at least 0.5 MOm at a temperature of 10-30° C.

A promising development of the company - "Multifunctional complex for monitoring and controlling electric machines" will allow continuous monitoring of the condition of drive electric motors, drying in automatic mode and on demand, assessing the condition of moving parts and bearing supports. The possibility of integrating the complex into the automated control system of the enterprise will allow timely identification of problematic units and reduce the likelihood of sudden failure of production units and units.