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KRON MSP-60(KRON Motor Service Portable-60),KRON MSP-180(KRON Motor Service Portable-180)

About the device:

Currently, electric motors with low insulation resistance are simply replaced with new ones or are dried in production conditions using welding transformers in special furnaces, as well as by low-voltage heating with a blocked shaft. Automatic systems of the company Kron Electric dry such engines without time-consuming preparatory and dismantling works with minimal costs. The drying process is fully automated and stops when the insulation resistance reaches the optimal value for engine operation, or after a pre-set time has elapsed. The device is connected to the output terminals and the grounding of the electric motor by means of convenient terminal clips (such terminals are widely used for charging car batteries), as well as using special high-voltage cables. The device is powered by a standard electrical network (220-240VAC) model MSP 60 and a 3-phase 380 volt network for the model MSP-180. The device provides the ability to transfer data to external networks in order to display the status of processes.

Key Features:

All devices have a built-in insulation tester with a test voltage from 100 to 5000 volts, which allows you to correctly assess the current state of the insulation of the electric motor, as well as to make intermediate measurements during the drying process. The technical capabilities of the devices allow you to restore the insulation resistance of any electric motors without restrictions on power and supply voltage. Dust and moisture-proof design of the devices allows you to successfully operate in difficult conditions.

KRON MSI(KRON Motor Service Individual. LV, HV, UHV)

About the device:

The main purpose of the line of individual devices is to monitor and restore the insulation of "responsible" engines, whose condition significantly affects the production process, and a stop or failure entails significant damage. Continuous monitoring of the insulation state of the winding, allows you to monitor the state of the motor and automatically start the recovery process. The drying process is fully automated and stops when the resistance value reaches the required value, it is also possible to maintain drying both during engine operation and when it is idle. The device is connected directly to any current-carrying phase and the grounding of the electric motor. The device is powered by a standard electrical network (220-240 VAC) and has a standard RS485 interface with Modbus protocol for data transmission to a local automated control system and/or any other data transmission and processing system.

Key Features:

Combines in one device the automatic measurement of the insulation parameters of the windings, drying and constant heating of electric motors. The possibility of drying all types of electric motors without restrictions on power and supply voltage. It can be installed next to the control cabinet, or inside the engine control cabinet without any additional connections between the engine and the control cabinet. Output of the polarization index (IP) and absorption coefficient (DAR) readings. The use of the Modbus and RS485 protocol for data transmission allows you to configure the measurement of the insulation resistance even in the case of connecting a PSU or a soft-start device without an insulating contactor.

The range of devices includes three main types of devices: the 1st type for engines with a voltage of up to 600 Volts, the 2nd type for engines with a supply voltage of up to 3600 volts and the 3rd type for engines with a supply voltage of over 3600 Volts

KRON MSC(KRON Motor Service Cascade. LV, HV, UHV)

A unique innovative solution for fully automatic monitoring and maintaining the isolation of an array of electric motors.

The central control unit for collecting and processing information is a software and hardware complex based on an advanced industrial processor that allows you to simultaneously control up to 256 remote modules for diagnosing and drying the insulation of electric motors. It is made in a sealed, dust-and moisture-proof case, it can be mounted directly on the wall or inside the cabinet. The unique software allows you to monitor the insulation parameters of electric motors connected to remote diagnostic and drying modules in real time, activate drying with optimal parameters, if necessary, or in accordance with pre-set parameters. The universal secure RS485 interface allows you to combine up to 256 devices into a single cascade, controlled directly from the central device or from the enterprise's automated control system network. A universal Ethernet interface with an RJ45 connector allows you to integrate the complex into a single enterprise management network, transfer and track information both within the enterprise network and in cloud services, as well as manage it from any terminal with a WEB interface.

Compact modules for diagnostics and insulation drying, enclosed in sealed dust-and moisture-proof enclosures, can be made in an explosion-proof design at the request of the customer, which allows them to be placed directly in explosive zones, in local control panels, or on motor terminal boxes. The software and hardware of the modules allow measuring the insulation parameters of electrical machines with high accuracy, exchanging information with the central device and performing drying cycles at the command of the operating system.